Friday, 12 March 2010

Good Morning ..... Happy Easter Male Card & A MOAN!!

Good morning all,Hope your is a good one.
Life is pretty much Stressfull in our household many of you know weve been having problems on and off with my eldest and bullying .Well basically on tuesday we witnessed it for ourselves as we dropped the girls off at the bus stop Andy said lets just wait see so glad we did as witnessed it first hand.Well how he held me down and i didnt get out the car beats me!but in end we followed the bus and went and saw Mr Wet weekend our nick name for Sophies head of year.Well after still doing nothing even after us witnessing & writing another letter he is letting this gang and it is a gang get away with murder all he has to say to us is sophie's taking it too personnaly!!Obviuosly he's never been bullied.It all came to head yesterday morning after she reluctantly left for school i litteraly sobbed.Sophie has been down this road before and got anorexic and tried to hang herself and i just cant sit down waiting for that to happen again.So ive took her out of school today and going to see my Gp with her this morning so glad i made opd yesterday. Im going to try to get her signed off due to Mentaly &physically exhausted due to Bullying.this way we have proof .She is not our daughter the happy go lucky 12 yr old we had few months ago even her sister is so worried.The school just sitting on the fence doing sod all!I had phone call yesterday afternoon from someone who comes into school to see her re dyslexia.She said she felt she had to ring after seeing sophie on wednesday ,and said she is worried that bullying isnt been sorted out Sophies gonna have breakdown as this gang is stalking her.Well it happened last night .So im off with her this am to see gp,and see what happens there.My heart goes out to her yet i feel so helpless! I just hope ive done the right thing,it is so sad to see Sorry for going on im just not normally so down ,stressed usually can cope with things that life throws my way but this is just horrific what we have going on right now i cant go into it all and wouldnt want to bore you either!lol
Anyway enough of my woes,hope you all have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend.
I did intend to come on yesterday afternoon but due to thye above i didnt find the time i will pop back later today with the Alzheimers Friday Giverway so be sure to pop back later.
Now onto my Card this morning is a Easter Card for a Male I have followed the sketch over at:
Rosie-D's ;Think Spring
The image i received in a swap which has Handler on the back.I have for a change coloured the image with water colours.Used Design papers from the "Easter Surprise Collection""Bunny Trail"I have added Flower ive made using the punch and various co-ordinating card,the ribbon is from my stash .The Butterfly from Anita's Fairy wings collection.The wording which i found in my stash i havent got a clue where thats from soz.But hope you like my creation for your challenges
"Happy Easter"

Love n hugs and thankyou so much for all the lovely comments .I do appreciate it and will try to catch up with all you lovely bloggin friends when i have a minute.

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Max said...

Oh Jude ... My heart goes out to your all having to deal with this. I'm disgusted that the school is doing nothing about this continual bullying of your poor wee girl. I really hope that you can find a solution to this awful situation and soon before something even more awful happens.


Teri said...

I think you should go over the HT's head and speak to the council officer in charge of schools for your area. They may have a bullying policy which isn't being implemented by your school.
Failing that, get the Police involved, especially if it is a gang of them!
I had a similar thing going on with my son a year or so ago, but fortunately it has been resolved (for now anyway).
I sympathise totally, as that was me X-years ago in Secondary School. Kids can be so spiteful.
Have you thought about taking her to self-defense classes?? I did with my boy, he learned Taekwondo for a bit, so he can handle himself in the playground now if it came to using it. (Full permission by instructor!) You might find it helps with her confidence too.
Sorry for the long comment, but I just wanted to help somehow hun!
Teri xx

Esme said...

Oh Jude, you must be worried sick. I agree with Teri about going above the HT as he clearly isn't getting anything sorted. Taking it too personally??? Some people have no idea! If it's reached the stage where an external visitor to the school has contacted you, the HT can surely not say that it's not a problem.
I hope you get some sort of arrangement with the GP, and that Sophie can start to feel better soon.
It really is disgusting that the school should let it get this far.

My thoughts are with you all.

Esme xx

Julye said...

Oh Jude I can so empathise, I have a break from that problem at the mo with Andrew being off post surgery but know exactly the problem. I believe they are all l;ike ostriches burrying their heads as if they acknowledge theres a problem then it might reflect on their prcious school records and the quality of the standard of the school or whatever it is. I know that the response is that if a teacher doesn't see it then it doesn't happen, and even when in one incident with my son a staff member was injured nothing was done.
Whilst walking with my son him in his wheelchair some pleb ran up behind him shouting jerronimo and bounced on the wheel chair handles, this bounced my sons chair, fortunately Andrew had heard the cry ,put his breaks on and curled forward so all his weight was forward. The wheelchair bounced sideways and knocked the staff member over and took the tyre off the hub on the chair, my son was beside himself with anger and concern for the staff member, no other staff in sight until he sent one of the on lookers for help.We thought it would actually make something get done , but no, we were told another staff member was stood nearby, but not the first on the scene I might add and story went the boy in questions bag caught on Andrews chair handle as he ran by, nothing was done.

I got so fed up I went straight to the head but things don't change, I'm so thankful Andrew is off school at the moment he is such a different person. He wants to go to college next year but it looks like he might have to stay on at sixth form to do the subjects he wants, I just hope the bullies all leave, and that one day he is in a superior position where they either have to ask him for a job or he see's them doing some brainless job while he is there with his expensive clothes and executive style job. No consolation for now though. So hope you get something sorted for Sophie though. Coucil is a good route though as when Andrew was in hospital someone told me there is someone on every council that ensures bullying policies are adhered to so I will use this as my next step. Please let me know how you get on and hugs to Sophie.

Love the card too, boys are so hard to make for sometimes. Thanks for sharing Julye

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

jude.... call the police and get it on record. file a complaint. you need a paper trail for proof of anything.

and i am keeping you all in my prayers!!!

lovely card, too.

Ruthie said...

Yes Jude - completely agree with Steff - you need to also make a formal complaint to the school also make sure you send a copy to the governors - they have a duty to investigate! It might be worth asking for information re other complaints to the school (my sons school said that we had a right to see other complaints made against the school) - if you put it in writing then you may receive information which could help your case ie there might be other cases of children being bullied and it not being sorted out.
If that doesnt work then go to the Local Education Authority and find out if there is anyone there - also call in an educational psychiatrist for a formal assessment of your daughter citing the bullying as the reason - if nothing else it will show the school you are serious!....if still no joy then go to the head of children's services within the council - their remit also includes child safety - dont just sit back - you are absolutely right to make as much fuss as possible.
And yes, keep records after records after records - when we had to go into school in primary (it was an independent school) the head had no idea what had been going on because the assistant head had been dealing with it (YEAH RIGHT!) - she was shocked at what had been happening (all low grade but she didnt know about it so it shook her up a bit!) - and she seemed really worried that I had dates and times with information about the bullying logged in my diary. Like really worried!

Also, see if you know someone who works for the council generally (a friend or neighbour maybe?) they often know (or can find out) who is the best person to assert pressure on for this.

AND dont stop - go to the head of the council, your local councillor and MP if you dont get it stopped - the school HAVE to take this seriously - they cannot fob you off with her being too sensitive as they have to ensure that they offer an inclusive education!

Really feel for you and yours


freckleface said...

I really sympathise with you kids are still young but i went through it at comp..and it's my biggest fear...tell Sophie she can get through it ...especially with parents like you to support her...even if the school is next to useless...i would most definately take it higher than the head...also if you go on there is information and advice on support for dealing with this...on a lighter note..thanks for joining us at TG but i truly hope you get this sorted..Debs GDT x

Rufus said...

I don't often leave you a comment, but this time I had to!
Oh you have to pursue this! Sounds like the rest of the gals have left some good ideas. Please tell Sophie that they really aren't worth spending her time thinking about! She is SO much better than they are.

Ask the person who called if they would put it in writing. Call the police, hound the school system. Hopefully you got some help from the family GP. Tell Sophie not to give in. She needs to stand up and fight (hopefully not literally) for herself and all the others like her. Maybe some self defense classes wouldn't be a bad idea! Write it all down, times, dates, places, names.
Please let us know how Sophie is doing.
Thinking of you, R/

Mervi said...

Lovely card!
Thanks for playing with us
at Rosie D's challenge,
good luck;-))m

Tracy said...

This is a cruel and horrible thing that is happening to your daughter, I do hope you can get some where with this and your daughter will get through this. My heart goes out to you and Sophie.
Thanks for joining Rosie-D's challenge, good luck.
Happy crafting
Tracy x