Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's day to all the mum's out there hope you get treated like a queen for the

Now i must thankyou all for the overwhelming support and wishes ,emails that you all left for me on Friday, concerning Sophie and the bullying .Im so sorry ive not had time to pop back on yesterday to let you all know how things went.Im here now !I took sophie to the drs Luckily i had an appointment my monthly check before her's so had chance to talk to the dr about Sophie.She was absolutely fantastic,sensitive and so caring towards her which this day and age hard to find in a Gp!She has totaly agreed with me over my intentions to remove sophie from the School until something has been sorted.She also rang me late afternoon just to say she was sorry she had meant to ring me at her lunch break to see how sophie was after her appointment .Which i thought was beyond her call of duty.I explained im sending in aletter on Monday to say why i have taken sophie out explained what i intended to write.She also said she is writing to the head of the whole school not just Sophie's year to explain that some action has to be taken now before Sophies health & school life is ruined.GP wants to know why they havent done anything before hand when the parents(US) have been down several times to no avail and this gang is still getting away with it!She also thinks it's disgusting how anyone can say she is taking it too personnaly.She is also getting in contact with C.A.M.S which is the childs mental services in this area.As she feels sophie is in need of there help urgently.Sophie spoke to her but no eye contact was made and she just sat there playing with her hands and at this point i just looked at this person and thought omg she isnt my happy smiling daughter i know and felt tear drop on my cheek thats when reality sturck .I have to be strong infront of her even though it pains me so mcuh to see her like this i have to be strong and have my wee tear when shes not around.

So all in all everyone is on my side with this.Today Sophie and i are going to plan her week and i am keeping every piece of work and a time table to show as proof that shes wants to learn. Sophie suggested we make a time table which is fab idea this is all evidence incase they turn round and say shes just lazy doesnt want to come to school.She has even done her homework which is to be handed in tomorrow so shes put in envelopes to appropriate teachers and has asked her sister to hand in tomorrow to the reception.

My heart goes out to you all for the support and friendship you have given me over the past couple days i know this isnt gonna be easy but we our strong and will battle this out.So it may be only a few words to you but to me it feels amazing that i have so many caring friends that take time out of there day to leave amessage and that ive never met yet know so well and are willing to be here for me when i have my moans ,


All you Mum's have a lovely day!I cant be with mum but dad is going in with the cards and presents ,not that she will have a clue what's going on .But the main thing is shes my mum and i love her to bits!and we hopefully will see her at Easter as Andy has since booked annual leave as knows Sophie needs a break and i think we all will by then too.Sophie wants to go to the Lakes which is 45 mins away from dads so weather permitting we shall go.I will be back later with some lovely sweet and crafty Alzheimers giverway think im gonna have to call it the sunday giverway as friday just zoomed past.

Love n hugs

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Julye said...

Morning Jude and happy mothers day to you too. If Sophie is expected to be off school for I think its 6 weeks ( heaven forbid it takes school that long to sort something out) you could ask for hospital and home education to come, Andrew has had them after each of his operations and they are all so fab just not like school teachers at all. I am so impressed with your GP she must have either been bullied or suffered similar as she sounds brill, and I hope her letter really strikes a chord with the head who undoubtedly from my own experience will know nothing about it schools just don't seem to communicate important stuff to each other just gossip. Hope Sophie has a good day focusing on spoiling her mum and getting spoilt a little in return, I popped a card in the post for her on saturday so hope it cheers her along a little when she gets it.
Hugs to all Julye

Cheryl said...

hi hunny i am sitting here with tears in my eyes,oh I don't know hun but sophie bless her feels so special to me just like you do having spoken to her on the phone too,bless her heart,take care hunny email me if you need anything,big hug from auntie cheryl to sophie hugs cheryl xxxxxxxx

Sarah A said...

Hi Jude

I am sorry not to have posted a reply to our post the other day, I was so upset reading what she has been going through and also what you yourself witnessed - no parent or child should have to go through that. I was too upset to write anything constructive on Friday as it reminded me of my own childhood at school and I also became anorexic as my own way of copiing with the name calling and bullying!

Glad your GP is so supportive with Sophie, sounds as though she will be a good person to hopefully get the school to take responsibility for their neglect in their duty of care towards Sophie. They should not be allowed to get away with it! I truly hope that Sophie can get the care due to her, that poor child has been through so much over a long time now.

Stay strong Jude and Happy Mothers Day to you too - your girls are so lucky to have such a lovely, caring and strong Mother as you are.

Have a wonderful day and I hope you as a family have a fun day together.


Sarah x

Tracy said...

Hi Jude and Happy mothers day, it sounds like you have a good GP and your starting to make some head way.
You and Sophie are in my thoughts and sending you both love to cope with all this.
Tracy x

Esme said...

Hi Jude

I hope you had a peaceful and enjoyable Mother's Day with your family. I'm so glad to hear that you have such an understanding and kind GP - it makes such a difference.

I hope that the school get their act together quickly and that Sophie is feeling better from a break away from the horrid gang.

My thoughts are with you all


Esme xxx