Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Here's My News ....Please Help If You Can

Well here's my news im bursting like a bubble but couldnt tell you all until we had the news ourselves.You all know what a year we have had the girls being bullied at school ,long battle and how both ended up with sick notes signed off sick with mental exhaustion due to the bullying.Well they moved schools in September and i now have my daughters back ...there happy and smiling and love school!
Well my elder Sophie who is only 13yrs very tall for her age had the brunt of the bullying had no self confidence at all.Well few weeks ago she was head hunted by teen model agency.It was the best thing she has done her self confidence has climbed 100%.Due to this hasd entered a beauty teen Princess Padgent and had photo shoot in London and i must be the proudest mum going as she has now got into the next round .This is where im asking for your help .For her to get into final she has to win by votes.Please dont feel you have to but 1 text message thats all thats needed and thankyou from the bottom of myheart if you do.
I just had to tell you after so much bullying and me with my health about time we had some news to smile about.Theres some piccys below and details ....from a proud mum!!!!
Number 07. Sophie Ashour -aged 13 - Weeting

The text vote will start at 12pm on 16th November and end at 11.30pm on the 30th November. Any votes placed before or after these times may still be charged but will NOT be counted. So don’t vote yet or it won’t count J

To vote text Sophie Ashour to 84205

Or call 0901 656 1530 then her number which is 07
If you feel the urge to vote I thank you in advance J !!!
And if you know of anyone who might vote please ask them as every vote counts – Thanks !!!

Thankyou so much just for reading this if you do please keave a message for us and will sure to get back to you!
love n hugs
proudest Mum in Weeting!!!
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rozzy said...

I've voted…good luck Sophie xx (((hugs)))

Suzi said...

I've voted, Sophie look adorable, keeping my fingers and toes crossed. Good luck sweetheart. Mwaaah.
Suzi x

lalkygirl said...

hi jude and sophe
i have voted and am going out with the darts team tonight and so will get them to vote too,what a stunning daughter you have jude,good luck in the competition sophie
tracey x

Cheryl said...

hi hunny no need to ask me as you know you both have my full support,asking,others too I know hun so best of luck as you both need,it after the rotten,year you have both had,give sophie my love,hugs cheryl xxxxxxx

Aussie Loz said...

you should be so proud - she's gorgeous!! So glad to hear that your daughters are doing well ♥

Ciara said...

I voted!


sandra's crafty corner said...

ive voted jude, good luck sophie xxx