Wednesday, 23 February 2011

WOYWW >>>>>>90 Just Candy!!!

Morning all well Wednesday came so quick and where has Feb Gone.Thankyou to all who left messages last week .I did actually get round you but again had trouble leaving messages on some blogs just wouldnt let me in.

Another Wednesday has arrived so guess what time to be do you want to join in and be nosey at other crafters desks,see what creations they're up to or even just have good nose.Then you need to pop by and see Miss Julia Dunnit the boss lady and she can be found HERE!

Well i am not here today in up at Dad's in Darlington come up for half term .I had my tests at hospital last thursday and well instead of having 6 week follow up i have to go back week today and they have brought my indepth brain scan to Tuesday.So i thought that coming to dads would be good chance to get a break at same time good for Sophie.Plus if anything turned out to be wrong(or why would they bring everything forward)then may not see dad or mum for while.

So whats on my desk well before i went away i have left some Half Term Candy for all you peeps.If your like me who couldnt make it to Tims craft session.....which so desperately wanted to go:(.then this candy may just be for you who.

Anyways this candy is for you all but please follow the rules how to enter as if you dont comply names will be removed and you wouldnt wanna miss out on this !

So Pop by HERE to enter if your Sir Tim Fan you will love it!Oh did you see the man himself on QVC yesterday well i was really naughty and guess what will be waitng for me when i get home....Begins with ....V...... yes i treated myself to VAGABOND!!!!So excited i have used the money from the craft trolleys i sold when i changed my craftroom round...yipee!!

Anyone else seeMr T on QVC yesterday or bought anything please

Well have fab Wednesday and i willl try and get round you all on my dads luck dont forget enter the candy you gotta be in it to win it!!!

Oh HELP anyone going to craft session with MR T would love piccy taken of him on your camera to drool over ....feel free to send one..

love n hugs

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Minxy said...

Oh i do hope your hospital goes ok, fingers crossed it's nothing serious xx Take care x

Nicky said...

I watched yesterday and although I did not buy anything I a wish list lol - hope everyhting goes ok at your hospital appointment Nicky no.4

sandra de said...

Ohh how exciting... a vagabond and watching Tim. All the best with your hospital appointments.

Sue said...

Hi Jude
have a lovely time with ya Dad, i hope all goes well at the hospital, oh snap hun i treated meself yesterday to! lol,of to check out ya other post,have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x(18)

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Praying all goes well for you and the candy looks juicy! we can only dream of seeing Sir Tim in the flesh over you tube has to do! thanks for sharing Jude and God bless,
Shaz in Oz.x

Neet said...

You are in muy thoughts and prahers for a good result from your scan. Added you to my prayer list.
Have a lovely time in Darlington and if I get a piccie of himself I will send yhou one - you need it!
Haven't seen any tv yet, recorded it so I can watch when I get back.

Sheilagh said...

Praying all is well with your results.

I watched Sir Tim, bought the TSV, must have a Vagabond!!



Dawn said...

Thanks for offering up such a fab candy! I have posted on my blog about it with a link back & have linked your pic back on my side bar!
Oh & I've been a follower for ages!!!
Hope it goes well at the hosp!!
Dawn xxx

Helen said...

Hoping everything goes ok at the hospital. Must be very worrying for you.
I bought the TSV.... and will be entering your candy draw!

donnalouiserodgers said...

I do hope your scan shows clearly what may or may not be causing you a problem, and whatever is revealed can be easily and swiftly dealt with, I love my family and if you are similar, then having your dad around will really help,


karen said...

I wish you well in your tests and scans and hope that everything will be sorted.
Lucky you to be getting the Vagabond! I cannot justify one (yet) as I don't die cut or emboss all that much. Still want one anyway, ha ha!
xoxo Karen (#44)

Kathyk said...

Here's hoping for good results at the hospital so you can get home and play with your new vagabond - be warned,it's pretty heavy!!! - but awesome!

All the best


Julia Dunnit said...

The hospitals bring things forward for so many reasons - try not to be anxious. Have a lovely time at your Dad's - and something to look forward to when you get home!

akilli melek said...

good luck at the hospital, do let us know how you get on.

try and enjoy the half term with your dad

caroline #53

Fiona said...

Good luck at the hospital - great candy offer - hope you received your OWOH by now - it went out on Monday x

Mandy said...

so sad I am not going to tim, watched every second of him yesterday on tv!! hope you tests go ok, hugs mandyxx

Kate said...

Lucky you, have fun with your vagabond! I watched Sir Tim but was a little disappointed that QVC hadn't secured any CHA goodies for the TSV. Bought some grungeboard alphas in their bargain bin ref 589714.

Good luck with the scan next week.

** Kate **

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

You have it SO much worse than I. I hope all goes well this week and you enjoy your time with your dad, too. Sorry this is brief, but wanted to let you know I was here.

Ohhh Snap said...

Hope all will go well at your hospital visit, sending you good wishes and all. You are going to LOVE your vagabond! I'm tickled pink for you :D. TFS! #67

Angie said...

I too was glued to Mr T ....nearly gave in to a Vagabond but then remembered some bills that are due and my up to the limit credit card ...why does life get in the way of crafting.
I hope everything goes well at the hospital ...I know it is a stupid thing to say but try not to stress too much. Hugs xx

SueH said...

Aww Jude, I’ve had eye problems lately too, which culminated in me having to have emergency eye surgery the day after going to my opticians, so I know just how worried you must be feeling.
That was 18 months ago and I had my final operation last week, with fantastic results, so stay positive if you can. You’ll be in good hands and I’m keeping everything crossed that you have good results too.

PS. Thanks for the chance to win your blog candy

Carola Bartz said...

I hope everything will be okay with you! Enjoy the visit up to your dad. Best wishes!

Mrs A. said...

Hope all goes well with the hospital tests. My Dad had his brain scan done on Monday and waiting for the test results as they think he may have early alzehimers.
Hugs Mrs A. #76

Anonymous said...

Got everything crossed for the hospital and the tests and everything. Hope you can enjoy your break and relax a bit.

Brenda 103

Serendipity Stamping said...

Hope your hospital visit will be a successful one! I never see Sir Tim on QVC, in fact, I never seem to catch any crafts on there. There aren't even ANY crafts shows on in my area, unless Martha has someone on her show and I just happen to tune in at that time.

Spyder said...

Hope all goes well with your hospital trip. My side bar can't take any more things, (or just stays saving for ever!) so will try and have a go, but will have to put it under the 'posts'

SDCrafts said...

Being with family seems a very good plan to me ... waiting for test results is never easy but reading into any action by the hospital helps you prepare for whatever news is to come. So maintain your sensible approach and allow yourself to feel whatever you feel. The Vagabond will definitely be a distraction! ...Shirl #106

okienurse said...

It is all the talk on the blogs about the QVC-UK shows yesterday! I don't watch QVC here but did turn it on on the computer to see what was up! I am impressed with the small stamps and would get them if I could. Thanks for sharing.
Vickie #148

Jovita @ Inky Impressions said...

I hope you scan goes well. Sending you hugs.

Susan said...

Hi Jude,
Hope all goes well with your tests and results.
Squuezy hugs to you!
Susan xxox #16

oneoff said...

Jude - hoping everything goes well with your tests, and that you have a lovely visit with your Dad. I saw the Vagabond at the show earlier this week; I bet you'll have great fun with it.


happyglitzygirl said...

Praying that all will go well.Take care, blessings Hilde

Ciara said...

Well, I think you fully deserve to treat yourself to that Vagabond machine, especially with all those hospital visits and scans you have to endure :-)

Neet said...

Jude - have got the photo and will print a couple off for you - please let me have your snail address so I can post them - send it to my blog as a comment but I will not publish it - will delete it when I have your address.

Andrea - Wales, UK said...

Oooh how lucky are you a Vagabond on its way. I nearly pressed the button on QVC, but didn't have the courage.
Tim was fab on thursday and we all had an amazing time. Hope your hospital appointment goes well.

Take care Andrea.xx (47)
p.s. going to look at the Blog Candy now...Thanks.x

Heike said...

Please have a look at my blog. There is something for you. x

BrossArtAddiction said...

Hope all goes well!

Happy be-lated WOYWW and
Thanks for sharing! :D


Tertia said...

Tim is coming to South Africa in April, but unless I win the lotto before then, I am afraid, I won't be there. Hope all goes well at the hospital.

Vicki B in OP NY said...

A Vagabond - How exciting, I'm envious. Enjoy the visit with your dad and best wishes for good news at the hospital.
Hugs Vicki 157

Neet said...

Hi Jude - sounds like a Beatles song - when I asked Tim to sign that bit of paper I told him all about you and I got a bit choked but I made it to the end of what I was saying. Wish I could have given him a photo to sign for you but figured you would love it whatever - and he wrote your name!
Hope it goes some way to making you feel a bit special.
Take care
Hugs - Neet x x x