Thursday, 12 January 2012

Late Birthday Present

Morning all just quick one as still attending to poorly daughter found out yesterday she has High strain of the infection Campylobacteriosis .........lovley.So just carry on but having to push fluids as i can see her ending up in hospital at this rate.Anyway stole few mins to come and show you something that made my day!!!! Just had to show you what arrived in the post from my friend in America!So lush i just love Wenddi's Art Parts.Im lushing over all her new releases that she's show casing at the moment.

But how excited was i when i opened the parcel which i have to say only took 3 dyas YES 3 Days !!from USA how about that for service better than royal

I shall let you drool too.

Just need to find time to play maybe at weekend if not too shattered when rest family home can go sneak into

Have fab day looks very snowy sky here think snow on it's way next week can feel air getting colder and feel snow in my bones...lolusually right too!!!!

Love n hugs

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Desirée-ScrapDees said...

what a really great stuff you've got there, super!
And all the best for yr daughter, hope she will be better soon!

ShazInOzCardsCalligraphy said...

ah Jude you deserve it you are so wonderfully kind such a beautiful gift and continuing to pray for your daughter, love Shaz in oz.x
PS I did send an email did I get your email address correct? know you prob busy but just thought better confirm I had sent case! I smiled at your reference to Royal Mail as on Brenda's blog she was complaining about them - had her whole latest post about it. (Floral fantasies)

Elizabeth said...

Oh dear, the news about your daughter doesn't improve! Have you any idea as to where she got this nasty infection? I do hope she doesn't get so ill she has to be hospitalised ... the poor wee girl.

Those Wendy Art Parts are to die for - you are going to have such fun creating with them ... I'm not one whit jealous, honest I'm not :) Elizabeth x

Ann B said...

Keep up those fluids Jude, we don't want DD in hospital and I hope she is on her way back to full health.
Lucky you getting a fab present like those Art Parts, hope it gave you the fillip you deserve.
PS Like Shaz I sent you my details by email. Will assume you have then unless you let me know differently