Friday, 19 September 2008

Morning all

Well had stressful few weeks with one thing and another to top it all yesterday the boiler broke down only 2yrs old !!!looks like we shall be getting a boiler for xmas!!lol.

Anyway i have found time to destress and ive been busy bee making christmas cards.Ihave uploaded afew here ,i fell in love with my penguins these are decoupage soooo cute!

The others are from the forever friends range of stamps,the westie ones are from claires new range.Well at least this stress has been in some way productive...
If you haven't entered the blogg candy you still have time, so go be in it you just might win it!
Have great weekend ,hopefully have less of a busy time will get back on here abit more.
Happy Creative Crafting,i will leave you with the below thought!he he he...
p.s. just incase you didnt realise it's"Christmas soon"yipeeee mind on another note only 3 more pay days till the man in big red coat arrives!

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